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Simona Di Tucci



Simona, a native of Italy, brings a rich background in classical and modern dance to her role as a seasoned Pilates professional. Trained at the prestigious Balletto di Renato Greco in Rome, she embarked on a career that saw her performing on live Italian television and touring globally as Co-Creator, Dance Captain, and soloist with MOMIX dance company in shows such as Lunar Sea, Botanica, and Remix. In 2016, Simona completed Ellie Herman's Comprehensive Teacher Training program, laying the foundation for her expertise in Pilates. Her commitment to excellence led her to further her studies in Pilates rehabilitation with Denise Small and explore the MELT Method with Carol LaMaitre. With a Master’s in Scienze Motorie earned in 1997 from Rome (Exercise Science), Simona seamlessly blends three decades of dance experience with her extensive Pilates training. This unique combination has significantly shaped her approach as a Pilates Instructor, leading her to become the proud owner and Master Trainer of Pilates by Simona. Simona's impact extends beyond her Brooklyn studio. Recently, she curated and delivered master workshops at the International Convention of Pilates for FIF, showcasing her commitment to advancing the field. Her ability to transform clients' bodies and perspectives on posture, coupled with her dedication to creating specialized and evolving approaches, has resulted in increased body awareness, pain reduction, enhanced agility, and newfound freedom in everyday movement. Simona's journey reflects not only her dedication to personal growth but also her genuine passion for empowering others through Pilates.



Kesa Huey is a Brooklyn-based Pilates and movement teacher with over twenty-five years of experience teaching. Kesa has studied Pilates with Gail Anderson, Rachel Tudor, Pamela Pietro, Anula Maiberg, and Ellie Herman; embodied anatomy with Jennifer Salk; Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals with Alexandra Beller; rehabilitation with physical therapist Denise Small; and Garuda with James D’Silva. While her Pilates passion was ignited as a way to rehabilitate from injury and hone dance technique, it has remained at the forefront of her movement practices for three decades, and is currently proving useful in balancing the repetitive stress of parenting! Kesa is a firm believer in Pilates as beneficial cross-training for any life.

Patricia Maples



Patricia began her Pilates training in 2003 in Miami, Florida, with Michelle Larson and Kevin Bowen of Core Dynamics, and received her full Pilates certification in 2010 through Ellie Herman Studios in New York City. She is an ERYT-200 and YACEP-certified yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance, and has extensive training in functional movement, as well as in yoga and Pilates for back care and scoliosis. Her primary influences include Irene Dowd, Paul Grilley, and Deborah Wolk. Patricia holds a culinary degree from the French Culinary Institute, a Master’s Degree in Nutrition Sciences from Brooklyn College, and is a Registered Dietitian licensed to work in the state of New York. She maintains her massage therapy license in the state of South Carolina, where she specialized in Swedish and Thai yoga massage.



Tracie is a certified Pilates Instructor and a certified Movement Educator with more than twenty years of experience. She strives to craft a personalized, high-quality movement experience for each client so they can meet their health, fitness, and postural goals. She specializes in rehab, helping clients who have chronic pain or are recovering from injuries or surgery. Tracie incorporates movement, somatic and dance concepts into her Pilates work, using her keen observational skills to guide, inspire and challenge her clients. Her philosophy of aging well through Pilates training makes her a valued instructor with her senior clientele. Her professional training includes PhysicalMind Institute, kinesthetic anatomy with Irene Dowd, Dynamic Embodiment with Dr. Martha Eddy, and numerous professional continuing education courses with the PMA, ACE, Pilates Style, Balance Body, Body Mind Dancing, and others. Tracie, a native New Yorker, became a Pilates instructor after a successful career in television production.

Tracie Matthews
Aimee Plauche



Aimee Plauche is a movement teacher and choreographer originally from Liburn, GA. She holds a BFA in Dance from Florida State University, received her Pilates training from Groundfloor Exercise Studio, certification through Ellie Herman Pilates, and has been teaching Pilates since 2013. She is constantly inspired by the ability of Pilates and movement to heal the body and transform lives. An aspiring physical therapist and a bit of an anatomy nerd, Aimee has focused her continuing studies on anatomy and injury rehabilitation protocols, through courses including Experiential Anatomy with Joanna Nobbe, DPT; FAMI with Kinected; and Pilates for Neurological Conditions through the Neuro Studio. Special populations served include post-injury recovery, prenatal/postpartum, seniors, and neurological conditions. She infuses her sessions with precise instruction, fun imagery, and her own love of movement. While not teaching, Aimee can be found creating dance-theater, reading books, or learning something new.

Sasha Welsh


Sasha Welsh is a choreographer and dancer who has taught Pilates for more than 20 years, inspiring a wide variety of clients to strengthen their bodies to meet their goals. She has extensive knowledge of and experience with many injuries and conditions, including training in joint and bone health and rehabilitation. She is committed to finding the process that will work best for each individual and making each session more personalized than the one before. Her work is deeply influenced by long term study with, and her time spent assisting/demonstrating for, anatomist Irene Dowd. She maintains an ongoing practice as a specialist teaching anatomy, injury prevention and dance conditioning in the dance programs of colleges and universities. She is currently dance faculty at Princeton University and The New School. Sasha studied at Swarthmore College (BA), Laban Centre London (PDDS) and earned a graduate degree in dance from Temple University (MFA). She has studied many approaches to Pilates, but was certified first in traditional Pilates at Body Precision near Philadelphia, one of the most rigorous and comprehensive programs in the country (based in the tradition of Pilates Center of Boulder). Since then, she has taught at some of the most acclaimed classical and contemporary studios in New York (including Real Pilates owned by Alycea Ungaro, Bridge Pilates owned by Blossom Crawford, and the Ellie Herman studios)

Tiffany May



Raised in Texas, Tiffany moved to New York to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where she received her BFA in acting. She was introduced to Pilates in 2008 by a friend that needed a student to acquire her teaching hours for certification. It was love at first neutral spine. As her practice began to inform and improve her day-to-day functionality, Tiffany realized that Pilates had become an invaluable necessity from which everyone could benefit. She wanted to expand her practice and she wanted to teach. Tiffany sought out Ellie Herman’s teacher training program and received her certification in 2015. When she’s not teaching, Tiffany pursues Voice-Over work, jaunts all over the city on her Vespa and jumps in the ocean every chance she gets.



Many years ago, one of my roommates suggested I strengthen my core and take a Pilates class. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I got hooked.  Pilates was rigid but flexible, comprehensive, and spiritual. My needs for order and creativity were met and motivated me to change my profession. I am enthusiastic about Pilates, and I’ll share that positivity with you when I teach. I deliver the same to every client in my classes ensuring that set goals and needs are met. I follow a classical approach with contemporary biomechanics when teaching, but always think critically about how an exercise helps the body in front of me. I am always preparing ways to bring challenging, successful, and invigorating workouts to all my clients. Pilates changed and strengthened my life, and I am certain it will do the same for you.

Lenny Reisner
Patricia Rodriguez



After a decade traveling through Europe, Patricia embarked on a new journey five years ago when she and her family came to NYC to start a new life. From Paris, through Madrid, Barcelona, London and Toronto, Pilates' practice was always there; giving her the strength, enthusiasm and mindset she needed to face her adventures in each and every city. As she best puts it, "Pilates gives me the elastic-like energy, the willingness to bend and break habits, and it's a constant challenge in my life." She studied the Rehabilitation series: Lumbar spine, Pelvis, Core, Ankle, and Knee with Ellie Herman in 2020. A year later, she completed the comphensive teacher training program with Ellie Herman. Shortly after, in 2022 she further her studies with Dr. Marcello Sarrica and completed the Gait Analysis Workshop with Dr. Melanie Carminati.



Foo started practicing Pilates in 2007 and it was an instant passion. After years of being trained privately and in small classes, she decided to enroll in Ellie Herman’s Pilates Certification Courses in 2019 and with hundreds of training hours under her belt, recieved her certification in 2022. From a very young age, Foo’s been passionate about movement, dance and fitness. Focused primarily on ballet, beginning around five, she also took jazz, modern and tap classes. More recently, she’s tried Hip Hop & other forms of dance taking classes at Mark Morris and other studios in Brooklyn. She lives in Brooklyn with her fitness-buff hubby and two talented-athletic children.

Foo Cassidy
Yulia Fomenko



Yulia comes to Pilates by Simona with a passion for Pilates and the human body. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in NYU in 2016, she pursued a career as a Video Director in Dean & DeLuca. In 2021, she completed the comphensive teacher training program with Ellie Herman. And in 2022, she completed the Gait Analysis Workshop with Dr. Melanie Carminati.

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